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Oil Seed Application
Oilseeds Groundnut

Oilseeds Soybean

Oilseeds Cotton Seed

Oilseeds Sunflower

Oilseeds Groundnut

Our company has become one of the prime manufacturers and exporters of Oil Seeds offering pure, nutritional and quality-assured products. We offer quality tested Sesame Seed, Groundnuts, Mustard Seeds, and Soybean that are widely used in the production of vegetable oil and contribute in the development of 85% meal for human beings.

Groundnut Oil Seeds

Mitsun is a trusted manufacturer and exporter of Groundnuts or Peanuts all over the world. This is scientifically known as Arachis Hypogaea L. It is important oilseed crop ideal for cultivation in the tropical areas. It is native of South America and ensures quick adaptability to different climatic conditions.

Groundnut is the chief source of delicious and edible vegetable oils that are further used in cooking purposes. The seed oil content varies from 44% to 50% with protein content of 25% to 28%. It is a healthy food for the growing kids and pregnant women as it is rich in proteins and vitamins A and B. India is the home of oilseeds and edible oils that are widely used in the preparation of foods and other preparations.

Uses of Groundnuts:

  • Extracting edible oil
  • Used as cold feeling repellent owing to high Calorific value
  • Used as meal supplement for circulation of blood.

Oilseed Soybean

Oilseed Soybean, a versatile crop, is a species of legume native to East Asia. This is accepted as an oilseed than a pulse by the UN Food and Agricultural Organization owing to its high oil content.

Soybeans are grown and traded across the globe hence make up about 60% of the whole world oilseed production. They are one of the vital global commodities used about 10% directly worldwide for human foods and 20% for extracting oil. Remaining is used for livestock feeds.

It is a rich source of vegetable oil used as human food and other industrial goods. It is used to prepare tofu and soy milk. In addition to this, it is also used in the production of plastics, lubricants, waxes and intermediate chemicals. It is reckoned for health and nutritional values; hence it is also used in cereals, pasta, nutrition bars, baked goods, etc.

Oilseeds Cotton Seed

Cottonseed is the other most commonly produced oilseed, after the groundnut oil seed. This is a by-product of the cotton plant. Its use as an oil seed on a commercial scale has enhanced to a great extent. It is on the fourth or fifth position in the world production of oils as only 18% oil is extracted. The remaining unprocessed seeds are fed to the cattle for boosting the milk production.

Oilseed Cottonseed has increased its utility in the kitchen in the past 20 years. Its structure is similar to other oilseeds such as sunflower seed. The oil bearing kernel is enclosed by hard outer hull. It has become one of the largely used products in the households owing to its cost-effectiveness.

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