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Project Designing

Mitsun Engineering designs modern equipments for the selection of right technology at right place.

In the section of seed cleaning every seed has different chemical & physical properties, and the seed cleaning plant machines are selected accordingly. As every seed has different size and structure, the selection of each equipment for Oil Refinery Plant, Cotton Seed Oil Refinery Plant, etc is very important. Keeping this in mind, the equipment are designed and selected. In continuous process of cleaning of seeds every step co-relates with other equipment. Mitsun Engineering is involved in continuous research to improve the quality of equipment, and to make the equipment as per requirements.

In Oil Refinery Plant, Cotton Seed Oil Refinery Plant, etc the selection of Expellers and Required Equipments is very important. Every seed has own content of oil and duly the pressure worm are set in expeller, some seeds require Steaming. Equipment of cake sizing is needed as per the market valuation where suppliers of cake get maximum benefits. We keep up with excellent oil milling design and offer user friendly equipment that run with minimum down time and minimum losses.

Edible oil refinery is an essential part of the Oil Industry, where all impurities such as free fatty acids take out in the neutralization section; de odorize removes oil smell and bleaching process removes the color. In order to get refined oil solvent or expeller oil is required to pass through many processes. Mitsun Engineering assists its clients for perfect selection of equipments for refinery that result in reduced processing cost, easy operations and high yield.

Seed or cake preparatory section is essential in solvent extraction plant, before transfer of materials in the solvent extractor. Mitsun Engineering designs the preparatory section as per the extractors' requirements. Also, we have designed equipments in main plants of Oil Refinery Plant, Cotton Seed Oil Refinery Plant, etc such as Heat exchangers, Solvent recovery systems, De toaster and Solvab system as per clients' needs. Our equipments give improved results with reduced hexane losses and processing cost. 

Execution Of Projects

For any business enterprise the project execution is a very essential part.

What Is Project Execution?

The project execution is the process which starts from after the contract is signed to the instance where the engineering is prompt for the operational use.


The products should be ready from a technical as well as operational point of view, before installing & operational usage. This is accomplished by performing of the project planning procedure followed by the process of project execution. A successful project execution process make a modified or new product ready from both the technological and operational aspect. 

Technology Readiness

Technological readiness is attained when the prototype is designed to meet the requirements of product. Also, the prototype is proved by the following verification actions:
  • Risk analysis
  • Calculations
  • Quality control (QC)
  • Qualification testing (QT)

The aforementioned activities are controlled by the professionals of Mitsun Engineering. Prior to reaching the technology readiness. All the needful documentation has to be settled. We have a team for the execution of project like Oil Refinery Plant, Cotton Seed Oil Refinery Plant, etc with specialist for planning, pre-designing, structure designing, electrical designing, piping, water system management, steam recovery system, and all are taking place under same roof. Also, we have leading team of full-fledged professionals for the project execution in abroad.

After Sales

The generic explanation of after sales & service is periodic or as requisite repair or maintenance of equipment by its manufacturer, provider or user.

We at Mitsun Engineering are ready to provide service at any time during the stops of equipment, and help in maintenance as well as product up-gradation. We have a team of experienced & skilled persons to overcome such problems. Our company helps to evaluate customers for requirements of stocks and inventory.

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